polished crafted stainless steel drop-in sink

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Graham Drop-in Crafted Stainless Steel Sink in Polished

Model #SK703-33HSP

Simply installed, simply beautiful: The Graham is the modern households' ideal stainless-steel kitchen sink. The Graham is a drop-in sink, making it easy to install and update any kitchen. Created from Sinkology's Crafted Stainless Steel material, the Graham upgrades traditional stainless steel with its high-end detailing and subtle glamour. The hammered detailing is an unexpected delight to steadfast lovers of the classic stainless steel material. Featuring an extra-large single bowl basin and a reinforced deckplate to eliminate deck movement, utility and beauty unite in the Graham Crafted Stainless Steel kitchen sink. The Graham comes with all the hardware you need for installation, and this model features a high-shine polished finish for additional appeal. The FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks by Sinkology brings a beautiful, modern update to one of America's most beloved kitchen sink materials. Crafted Stainless Steel is not ordinary stainless steel—it has all of the time-tested benefits like durability and shine, but with intricate, hand-hammered detailing to enhance the material’s design and luster. This model comes with a polished surface; a brushed finish is also available. Our glamorous polished stainless-steel finish brings light and luster to your kitchen sink. The high-shine finish enhances the beloved look of stainless steel and blends perfectly with high-quality, reflective stainless-steel faucet finishes.

  • Dimensions: 33" x 22" x 8"
  • Bowl dimensions: 31" x 17" x 8"
  • Drain size: 3.5"
  • 18-gauge
  • Finish: Polished
  • The Graham features an extra-large, 33-inch bowl that maximizes the surface area of the sink. When the sink is empty, the Graham’s hand-hammered surface area is worthy of showing off. When in use, the Graham offers plenty of space for all the pots, pans, and dishes that come with a busy household!
  • The Graham comes with sound-dampening pads installed on the outside of the sink, hidden from sight once the sink is installed. The pads minimize excess noise that is often found with stainless steel sinks.
  • The FORTIFY Collection of sinks are hammered by hand to create the unique look and increased durability of Crafted Stainless Steel that our customers love. Because the surface is hammered, the density is increased without adding bulk or heaviness to your Crafted stainless steel kitchen sink.
  • The Graham is designed by our team of Sinkologists to offer a modern take on timeless stainless steel. The hand-crafted detail is seen in the textured surface that is shined and polished for a glamorous centerpiece for any kitchen.
  • Sinkology’s Crafted Stainless Steel was developed out of a love and appreciation for stainless steel, but with the need for a look and style that is both artistic and updated. Modern kitchens can rely on the time-tested durability of stainless while still adding shine and luxury to their kitchen.
  • The Graham’s 18-gauge stainless steel composition keeps all the best features of high-quality stainless steel–like resistance to stains, corrosion, and bacteria–while offering contemporary homes a sleeker, more elegant option for an updated design.
  • The polished finish of The Graham Crafted Stainless Steel drop-in kitchen sink creates a shiny, beautiful surface. This luxe option easily matches existing stainless steel finishes and appliances.
  • The Graham brings the convenience of a drop-in stainless-steel sink to Sinkology’s FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks. The Graham includes a reinforced deckplate to eliminate any deck movement, and your sink comes with tie-down clips and hardware.
  • 36 in. minimum cabinet base recommended
  • Recommended Drains: Stainless Steel Strainer Drain (Model #TB35-03) and Stainless Steel Disposal Drain (Model #TD35-03)
  • Recommended Bottom Grid: SinkSense Wren Bottom Grid in Stainless Steel (Model #SG008-27ST)
  • As part of the FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks by Sinkology, the Graham is protected by our Everyday Promise, a lifetime guarantee that the sink will perform as expected under normal daily use.