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Percy (Brushed) All-In-One Crafted Stainless Steel Sink and Stellen (Stainless) Faucet Kit

Model #SK701-33B-SAS

You can have a complete kitchen sink with just a single All-in-One Kit from Sinkology! This kit features the Percy 32" Crafted Stainless Steel farmhouse kitchen sink in a brushed finish. Sinkology’s exclusive 18-gauge stainless material is beautifully hand-hammered to reinforce the sink’s durability and create a uniquely textured surface. This version of the Percy is brushed to create a slightly matte finish. In true farmhouse fashion, the Percy features an exposed, apron-wrap front and a deep, single-bowl layout. In addition, Sinkology adds advanced sound-dampening pads to the sides and bottom of the sink to keep noise at bay. Our team of Sinkologists hand-selected the stunning Stellen faucet in Stainless Steel for this kit. The Stellen is a single-handle faucet with a high-arc spout and detachable spray head, making it as functional as it is beautiful. Your All-in-One kit is completed with a Sinkology basket strainer drain, a 7-gauge stainless steel bottom grid, and a scrubber to make daily cleaning a breeze. All of Sinkology’s products come backed with the Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee that protect your products all day, every day, for life.

  • Dimensions: 32" x 21.5" x 8"
  • Bowl dimensions: 30" x 19" x 8"
  • Drain size: 3.5"
  • 18-gauge
  • Kit includes Percy 32″ farmhouse brushed Crafted Stainless Steel sink (#SK701-33HSB), Pfister Stellen faucet in Stainless Steel, Sinkology Wren Bottom Grid (#SG008-27ST), Sinkology Stainless Steel Basket Strainer Drain (#TB35-03), and Sinkology Breeze Non-Scratch Scrubber (#SSCRUB-101).
  • Made with 18-gauge, hand-hammered Crafted Stainless Steel
  • Features a brushed finish for a slightly matted surface
  • Farmhouse-style installation with exposed apron-wrap front and deep side walls
  • Includes sound-dampening pads attached to the sides and bottom of sink
  • The Stellen’s stainless steel material blends instantly with existing appliances
  • High-arc design and sleek layout maximizes function and works well in tight spaces
  • Sinkology Wren bottom grid (#SG008-27ST) is made with dishwasher-safe, 7-gauge stainless steel to prevent food, water, and debris from sitting on sink’s surface
  • Stainless steel basket strainer drain (#TB35-03) included in kit
  • Non-scratch Breeze mildew-resistant scrubber made from patented Clean-Guard™ silicone; three-month no-odor warranty; proudly made in the USA (#SSCRUB-101)
  • All Sinkology products are backed by lifetime warranty: Sinkology Everyday Promise guarantee