Nature of Fireclay

Unparalleled durability meets timeless beauty

Fireclay: A Powerful, Natural Material

Like many of the world’s most beautiful things, fireclay thrives in the extremes. The name fireclay is a clear tribute to the clay’s natural ability to withstand–and improve under–incredibly strong heat.

We leverage the power of fireclay to create durable products that are literally formed by fire–sealing in strength, resistance, and organic beauty that is transferred directly to your home in our newest collection of kitchen sinks.

Fired to Perfection

Sinkology’s Fireclay sinks are fired with temperatures that reach thousands of degrees—2100° to be exact—until the clay itself transforms into a dense, durable material that is ideal for handling the demands of a busy kitchen.

Sinkology Fireclay sinks go through a rigorous design and creation process. As fireclay material dries, it constricts and changes shape. At Sinkology, we want your sink to be as close to perfect as possible, so we reform our sinks by hand to smooth surfaces, shape corners, and ensure consistency.

Multiple Designs and Styles

Our team of experts searched the globe for the best material for our fireclay sinks at the best prices. Three handcrafted sinks—the Bradstreet II, Brooks, and Wilcox—bring beautifully affordable options to the heart of your home. With our crisp white finish, your sink flawlessly blends with any kitchen style: traditional, contemporary, modern, and classic.

Sinkology’s Lifetime Promise

Sinkology Fireclay sinks are reinforced with our Sinkology SureFire Finish, providing an additional layer of protection to keep your sink looking new for years to come. And we’re not just talking about a kitchen sink that shines; we guarantee that your Sinkology INSPIRED sink will not chip, crack, stain, or rust, and we back that with our exclusive Sinkology Lifetime Warranty

We believe every home deserves beautifully affordable products, and the Sinkology INSPIRED Collection of fireclay farmhouse sinks is crafted to be functional, reliable, and priced with you in mind.

Fireclay Resources

Everyday tips to prepare + care for your fireclay farmhouse sink